Liz Melgaard – Little Stars Music Teacher

Liz was 8 when she first asked to have piano lessons – inspired to learn after hearing her dad play by ear on the family piano at home.

Soon afterwards she began choral training and took up the trumpet – thereafter enjoying an adolescence full of choirs, bands, orchestras, and music camps where she met her trumpet-playing future husband at at age 15.

She was a VCE ‘top  CAT’ on the trumpet and went on to study Music Performance at the Victorian College of the Arts, meanwhile working professionally playing in a wide variety of classical and commercial ensembles, and also teaching the trumpet.

On graduating, she turned her attentions in another direction, becomming a qualified radiation therapist.  She and her musician husband later traveled/worked in the UK, and then Slovenia for 3 years, where Liz worked  and continued her choral training.

Now back home and a mother of 2, she first encountered the Suzuki philosophy as a parent in a baby music class in 2009, where her compulsive harmonising was noted and she was asked to join the team!