Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers near Research, Victoria

Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers near Research, Victoria

The primary goal of our Little Stars baby and toddler music classes near Research, Victoria is to grow the relationship between a mother and her baby through movement, lullaby, song and rhythm. You will be equipped with various methods of easily incorporating music into your daily routine in order to foster a serene and joyful beginning.

Baby music classes near Research, Victoria

Your baby’s brain development, according to a large body of research, is positively influenced by music. Your baby’s brain is growing significantly in the early years and is twice as active as an adult brain in the first three years of life! This is a crucial period of time where you can give your baby an early start in life through music. You can engage your baby’s developing brain through the sensory stimulation of sound, touch, sight, movement, timing and even emotions in a musical context.

Music is introduced to children in Little Stars baby and toddler music classes near Research, VIC using an array of props, instruments, songs and games. Here are examples:

  • Books we can sing and share together
  • Feathers
  • Different languages, depending on the families in our classes
  • Counting books
  • Drums
  • Qualified, expert teachers!

The early months and years are important for creating strong bonds with baby.Playing music and singing songs are activities that give the parent the opportunity to develop a musical background for the baby and at the same time bond and have fun.

Music tips for Babies and Toddlers near Research, VIC

Toddler music classes near Research, Victoria

Integrating music into daily life can be done in these simple ways:

  • “Round and round the garden” or “this little piggy” are but some of the rhymes that you can use during sensory play times.
  • When trying to settle your baby patting a beat on the baby’s back can be soothing. You can use the words to your favorite song and try and sync your beat to a rhythmic heartbeat pattern or keep a steady natural beat which will also soothe your baby.
  • You can play bouncing games with babies on your lap or arms and engage with them through fun nursery rhymes like “to market to market” or “Humpty Dumpty”.
  • Singing during nappy change or bath time using simple songs like “here we go round the mulberry bush” and then composing your own versions “this is the way we brush our teeth, have a bath, get ready for bed, eat our dinner” can turn these tasks into play time.
  • With enough repetition, toddlers learn to listen carefully and anticipate key actions like the clap in “Open, Shut Them”.
  • Your baby can join Bonding with Baby music classes from birth and start listening to music straight away. Babies can join the Babies and Toddlers classes from as early as six months. The CDs purchased for bonding with the baby can be used until preschooler music classes and the beautiful lullabies and rhymes can be listened to time and time again.

Get your baby or toddler started in music today:

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