Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers near Mount Martha, Victoria

Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers near Mount Martha, Victoria

The Little Stars baby and toddler music classes near Mount Martha, Victoria engages children through the use of rhymes, lullabies, movement and songs and nurture maternal bonds. A calm and happy beginning can be encouraged by learning techniques and skills to integrate music into your home environment.

Baby music classes near Mount Martha, Victoria

There is a large body of research indicating that music positively influences the development of your baby’s brain. The adult brain is half as active as a baby’s brain which is growing significantly during the first three years of life. Take advantage of this window of opportunity to give your baby the best possible start through music. Expand your child’s brain development through the process of stimulating all the senses of sound, movement, touch, sight and even emotions in a musical environment.

In our Little Stars baby and toddler music classes near Mount Martha, VIC, we introduce children to music using props, instruments, songs and games such as:

  • Feathers
  • Triangle
  • Different languages, depending on the families in our classes
  • Tuned percussion instruments to train pitch
  • Qualified, expert teachers!
  • Puppets

The creation of strong bonds between a parent and child is common during the first weeks and months of their life.Through playing music and singing songs you can enjoy fun activities that enable connectingand bonding with baby while laying the foundation for a love of music that can last a lifetime.

Music tips for Babies and Toddlers near Mount Martha, VIC

Toddler music classes near Mount Martha, Victoria

Have you attempted these simple ways of incorporating music into daily life:

  • Use classical music as part of your bedtime routine; you can tune the radio into classical channels or buy orchestral CDs as it is much better for your baby’s developing brain than using children’s CDs created using synthesizers.
  • “To market to market” or “Humpty Dumpty” are examples of the rhymes some people remember and which you can use to play bouncing games on your lap or in your arms with a newborn.
  • Melodies of songs such as “here we go round the mulberry bush” can help turn ordinary activities like a nappy change or bath time into times of great fun!
  • Children value touch, therefore to begin sensory play with them you can include rhymes like “round and round the garden” or “this little piggy” combined with tickling with feathers or hands.
  • Be brave and sing whichever songs you may like to your baby; it could even be simple lullabies such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” because research has demonstrated that babies and infants prefer the sound of their parents’ voices.
  • Listening to music should start at birth when new mothers should consider joining the Bonding with Baby classes. Older children from six months to three years should join the Babies and Toddlers music classes. By purchasing the CD, the beautiful lullabies and rhymes can be enjoyed time and time again.

Get your baby or toddler started in music today:

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