Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers near Braybrook, Victoria

Music Classes for Babies and Toddlers near Braybrook, Victoria

In order to develop the vital bonds between a mother and her child our Little Stars baby and toddler music classes near Braybrook, Victoria employ the use of lullabies, rhyme, movement and songs. You will become aware of how to create a calm and happy environment by integrating music into your home.

Baby music classes near Braybrook, Victoria

The growth of your baby’s brain is positively influenced by music. Compared to an adult brain, your baby’s brain is growing rapidly and is twice as active as an adult brain in the first three years of life. Music can provide an early advantage for your growing baby and this is the time to get started. You can further stimulate the developing brain of your baby using the multiple senses of sound, touch, sight, movement, timing and emotions within a musical context.

In our Little Stars baby and toddler music classes near Braybrook, VIC, we introduce children to music using props, instruments, songs and games such as:

  • Scarves
  • Puppets
  • Tambourine
  • Different languages, depending on the families in our classes
  • Drums
  • Tuned percussion instruments to train pitch

During the early months and years of your baby’s life, it is very important to create strong bonds.Playing music and singing songs are fun and enjoyable activities to connect with your baby and at the same time lay the foundation for a lifetime love of music.

Music tips for Babies and Toddlers near Braybrook, VIC

Toddler music classes near Braybrook, Victoria

Follow these ways of integrating music into your life:

  • Research shows that babies and infants prefer the sound of their parents’ voices, so go on and sing them a song like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or any other song you like!
  • You can use melodies of songs such a “here we go round the mulberry bush” and “this is the way we brush our teeth, have a bath, get ready for bed, eat our dinner” to turn care tasks uch as changing nappies or taking a bath into play time.
  • Engaging toddlers in fun games like “open shut them” will encourage them to listen, anticipate and join in with actions, such as clapping.of the game.
  • Sing nursery rhymes while playing bouncing games on your lap (or in your arms for a newborn). Some people remember the nursery rhymes “to market to market” or “Humpty Dumpty”. Sing and play with your child!
  • Incorporating classical music into baby’s bedtime routine can provide a soothing end to the day, while treating his ears and brain to beautiful music. Choose quality recordings or try the classical radio stations rather than children’s CDs.
  • Your baby can advance into music for Babies and Toddlers as early as six months – by purchasing the CD for bonding with the baby you can use them right until preschooler music classes but you can still benefit by enjoying the beautiful lullabies and rhymes over and over again.

Get your baby or toddler started in music today:

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