Ainslie Jäckel – Suzuki Music Teacher at Little Stars Music

Ainslie was fortunate enough to have exposure to a rich musical environment long before birth!  Her father was conductor and director of the Navy Band and her grandmother an opera singer; so classical music and music appreciation have provided very strong foundations for her continued academic success and career path.  Ainslie’s early music experiences provide personal evidence supporting the link between music and academic excellence.

Ainslie began her own musical studies playing piano through the AMEB system, but found the method frustrating and demoralising.  Diverse musical opportunities arose at secondary school, where Ainslie played saxophone, clarinet and oboe with a supportive and inspiring music teacher.  Ainslie completed an examination on clarinet and played oboe and saxophone in various school competitions and group ensembles, including the prestigious Mt. Gambier School Jazz competition held annually in South Australia and School Bands Competitions.  Ainslie performed solos at all of these competitions and the bands were awarded medals and awards at each competition.

While Mt. Gambier and the School Bands Competition are special highlights, Ainslie has vast experience playing in other music ensembles including choir, stage band, concert band, Peninsula Youth Music’s Summer Vacation voice ensemble and smaller chamber groups as well as assisting with junior ensembles and younger members of the band.  During her final year at high school, Ainslie was appointed Music Captain, reflecting her deep commitment and love of music as well as her ability to motivate and support younger players.

In 2003, Ainslie graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Honours in Biochemistry and a Diploma of Arts majoring in Politics.  Pursing her strong interest in educational methods, Ainslie completed a report investigating the feasibility of providing individualised curriculum for each child within a classroom setting as part of her final studies in politics.

Ainslie returned to music towards the end of her degrees and began voice lessons with a Suzuki teacher in 2004.  Ainslie undertook voluminous personal study into the history, development and philosophy of the Suzuki approach as well as observing classes across a few disciplines before committing to Suzuki.  The Suzuki approach provides Ainslie with a means by which to combine a love of music and a passion for education in a supportive and creative manner.

Ainslie has completed Primary Level Suzuki Voice training and will commence the intermediate voice course in 2012.  She has completed the level 2 Suzuki Early Childhood Education course and looks forward to improving her knowledge and skill in this area too.  She is also currently preparing Eighth Grade AMEB repertoire.